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  Triggering Simplified
The Model 7600 is Ivy Biomedicalís latest cardiac trigger monitor intended primarily for use on patients in applications requiring precision R-wave synchronization. Incorporating a simple, easy to use touchscreen interface, the 7600 displays two simultaneous ECG vectors along with the patientís heart rate. The Trigger ECG vector (top waveform) can be selected from Leads I, II III or Auto. The Second ECG vector (bottom waveform) can be selected from Leads I, II or III. High and Low heart rate alarm limits can be adjusted to bracket the patientís heart rate so that a violation of these limits produces an audible and visual indication of the alarm.

The Model 7600 includes an AUTO lead select feature (Trigger lead only). When selected, this feature will determine which lead (I, II or III) provides for the best signal-to-noise ratio of the ECG signal and thus a more reliable cardiac trigger. The Model 7600 also has special hardware and software that measures skin to electrode impedance, ensuring a reliable scan.

The Model 7600 is available with or without an integrated strip chart recorder.

Improved Connectivity
The Model 7600 has an electrically isolated RS-232 connector that provides two-way direct communications between the monitor and the external console for the transfer of ECG data.

Precision Engineering
A color Trigger mark clearly indicates the timing of each synch pulse with respect to the ECG, providing a visual reference for the timing and synchronization.

Imaging Applications
The Model 7600 Cardiac Trigger Monitor provides cardiac triggering for use in synchronized applications such as Gamma Cameras, TMR/PMR, Lithotripsy, and also compatible with all major SPECT Cameras.

Mounting Solutions
Ivy Biomedical has a custom designed light duty roll stand that enhances the maneuverability of the 7600. Wall mounting bracket configurations are also available. Please contact us more information or for custom requirements.